Unite for Gaza – speech during national day of action

18 Aug

Unite’s Zarier, Richard, and Jared at Hamilton rally for Gaza,

The following speech was given by Unite’s Jared Phillips in Hamilton as part of the August 16 national day of action for Gaza.

Unions including Unite, FIRST Union, and other unions and unionists have been vocal about this current round of aggression by Israel’s government. Unite formally supports the boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign which is building awareness about the oppression of Palestine. Unite also formally supports the measure of immediate withdrawal by Israel from the occupied territories, that Israel must abide by UN resolution 242 requiring it to withdraw to its pre-1967 borders.

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Which Israel should be recognised?

15 Aug

By Mike Treen, Unite Union National Director

Reprinted from The Daily Blog

We often hear that the barrier to peace in Palestine is the refusal of Hamas or the Palestinian Authority to recognise Israel as a “Jewish state”.

For a long time the Palestinians were lambasted because they allegedly refused to recognise the state of Israel. However, after they did this in 1993 the Zionist leaders of Israel simply moved the goal posts.

What most people don’t know is that Israel and the United States have never recognised the existence of a Palestinian state or even the Palestinians’ right to a state. This has been true even though a Palestinian state entity has been a reality since 1994 as part of the so-called Oslo Peace Accords.

What even fewer people may realise is that the political leadership of Israel refuses to recognise their own state either.

There is no official map of the State of Israel that has delimited borders. This is true for the state as recognised by the UN in 1947, or the state as it has existed since the war of 1948, or as it has existed since the war of 1967.

The governing Likud Party of Israel’s 1999 Platform affirms:

a. “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

b. “Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem”

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Income gap

15 Aug

It doesn’t have to be like this (5/10)

Worksafe must learn lessons – forestry Industry cannot self-regulate

14 Aug

Council of Trade Unions Media release

14 August 2014

“The CTU does not support Worksafe’s submission to the independent Forestry Review Panel that there can be an “industry led” approach to addressing the serious issues workers in the sector are facing.” CTU President, Helen Kelly said.

“We believe Worksafe should learn by experience of its predecessors where industry led initiatives have not worked. In March 2011 MBIE developed a number of Sector Action Plans in our most dangerous industries (Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Manufacturing and Fishing). They ran until 2013 and were intended to result in a significant reduction in injuries in these sectors. They were industry driven in industries that had shown a lack of capacity to deal with the safety issues. Four of these had an “industry lead” Safety Council structure with only manufacturing having worker representation. In forestry the FOA health and safety committee took on this role. In construction a specific Construction Safety Council was the lead industry body and similarly in Agriculture (Agriculture Health and Safety Council). In Fishing, Maritime NZ took a different approach and led the Safety Council initiative (Fishsafe) The only industry where serious harm injuries notably reduced was fishing. In others the figures increased.” Kelly said.

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High Unemployment

14 Aug

It doesn’t have to be like this (4/10)

Worker’s rights: Why insecure work exists and why it’s a problem

13 Aug

It doesn’t have to be like this (3/10)

Nationwide ‘Day of Action’ throughout NZ this weekend

12 Aug

Originally posted on Kia Ora Gaza:




Here are the FaceBook Events pages for each of the cities where activities are planned. As more details are confirmed, we will update this information.

It’s important that our voices are heard loud and clear. The whole world is outraged and demanding Israel immediately stops it’s genocidal war against Gaza, end it’s  siege, end the occupation, stop the annexations, and release the Palestinians prisoners.

WHANGAREI: 7am Water Street. https://www.facebook.com/events/831830976841477/

AUCKLAND: 2pm Aotea Square, Queen St.

HAMILTON: 2pm Garden Place, Victoria St, City.


HAWKES BAY: 12noon Hastings Town Clock

PALMERSTON NORTH: 2pm Fitzherbert & Hardie


WELLINGTON: 12pm Cuba Street, (Bucket Fountain), City.

CHRISTCHURCH: 2.30pm Cnr Deans Ave & Riccarton Rd.

DUNEDIN: 11am Otago Museum http://on.fb.me/Vasglb

Supported by:

Palestine Human Rights Campaign – http://palestine.org.nz/phrc/index.php

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