I’ve voted. Have you?

19 Sep

Kia ora Mike –
Just a quick email from me to remind you that tomorrow is the last chance to get out and vote. If you have already please check with 3 friends or family members to see if they’ve voted – they might not know that tomorrow is the last day of voting.

All the voting places close at 7pm so make sure you get there well before then! Check online if you aren’t sure where to vote http://www.elections.org.nz/events/2014-general-election/information-voters-who-when-and-where

Over half a million kiwis have voted – and I’m proud to be one of them. Here’s a photo of me voting with my son and brother today.

Happy Election Day 2014!

Helen Kelly, CTU President
http://www.getoutandvote.org.nz/ Authorised by: Helen Kelly, NZCTU, Level 7, 178 Willis St, Wellington

Get Out and Vote · New Zealand
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Mike Treen – “We can change this government.”

18 Sep

National Unite Director Mike Treen lays out the choices for workers in Aotearoa as we prepare for the election on Saturday. Share hard! http://unitenews.wordpress.com/about/

Laila Harre speaks to Unite and First Union members

18 Sep

Joint Unite and First Union stopwork meeting of 800 workers to discuss options for workers in this year’s election held today at Mt Smart Stadium. Internet Party leader Laila Harre urges an Internet-Mana party vote.

Last Chance to Enrol to Vote – Don’t Miss Out

18 Sep

Last Chance to Enrol to Vote – Don’t Miss Out

If you’re not enrolled now, you need to hurry or you won’t be able to vote in this Saturday’s general election.

“Election day is almost here, and it’s your last chance to enrol,” says Murray Wicks, National Manager, Enrolment Services. “It’s not too late, but you need to do it right now.”

“The last chance to enrol is Friday 19 September. You can’t enrol on election day.”

Enrolment levels across the country have improved, with 91.7% of eligible voters now on the roll. But there are still 280,500 eligible voters who are not enrolled or ready to vote on election day.

“If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can’t leave it any longer. You must get an enrolment form, fill it in and get it back to us by Friday 19 September,” says Mr Wicks.

“To make sure your enrolment form reaches us in time the easiest thing to do is pick one up at a PostShop, fill it in and hand it to the staff there and then. It only takes a minute,” says Murray Wicks.

You can also get and return enrolment forms online at www.elections.org.nz.

“We want all New Zealanders to have their say on Saturday,” says Mr Wicks. “Your vote matters, but it will only count if you are enrolled. Enrol today.”

More information about enrolling and voting is available from www.elections.org.nz.

Laila versus Kelvin at the First & Unite Unions Stopwork Meeting

17 Sep

Laila Harre from Internet Mana talks about how to use our votes strategically, to elect the strongest fighters possible for workers’ rights.

Beat the rain on Saturday!

17 Sep

Kia ora

So many people have already voted, over 350,000 in fact! Maybe you’re one of them?If you haven’t voted you still have time. The weather forecast for Saturday is rain and wind over most of the country. If you think the weather will impact on your ability to vote, or the ability of someone you know – then vote before Saturday!

Saturday is the last day to vote. The voting places close at 7pm on the dot! You can find a list of all the places here http://www.elections.org.nz/events/2014-general-election/information-voters-who-when-and-where

It’s really important that people know that on Saturday it’s not possible to enrol you can only vote.

Do you know anyone under between the ages of 18 – 30? Please ask them about when they’re planning to vote.

I’m looking forward to voting on Friday, Suffrage Day, with my son and other members of my family. Like you, I’m committed to having my say about who our next government is.

Let’s get out and vote!

Helen Kelly, CTU President

Authorised by: Helen Kelly, NZCTU, Level 7, 178 Willis St, Wellington

Internet Mana policies

17 Sep

What do we stand for?

  • Right to work

    Internet MANA will tackle persistent high rates of unemployment by reinvesting back into society and filling the many gaps of past policy failures to take us into the future. We will set a national goal of 0% unemployment for under 25s and eliminate long-term unemployment across the whole labour market. Internet MANA will use the know-how and support innovation and self-start entrepreneurship from within our own communities to solve their own unemployment & social problems as well as invest $1.03 billion each year to fund approximately 100,000 temporary jobs where the labour market is not able to create jobs.

  • Living wage

    It’s not good enough to just have a job – the hours of work and pay per hour are equally important for a family to have a decent standard of living. Internet MANA would work to stabilise hours of work and increase the minimum wage from the $14.25 an hour at present to the living wage, currently $18.80. We would peg the minimum wage at two-thirds of the average wage to prevent it dropping dangerously in the future as it has done in recent decades.


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