Message from CTU President Helen Kelly

23 Jul
Dear Mike
There’s only 43 days until September 3, when voting in the General Election starts. The last day to vote is September 20.Thanks heaps for signing up to support the Get Out and Vote campaign. It’s so important people turn out to vote this election. Every vote counts towards a healthier democracy and a better life for working New Zealanders.

Whether you have pledged to vote, or perhaps pledged to offer your help with the campaign, every one can help. We’re going to be in touch about things you can do during the voting period 3-20 September to help to get people out to vote.

Here are some important and easy things that you can do right now.

  1. Talk to your family, friends and workmates about their plan for voting. You can order free materials here to help you with this – including voter pledge cards. You can also sign people straight on to the Get Out and Vote campaign website. When you’ve got the voter pledge cards signed, send them back to us. Explain to people that we are collecting their information so we can get back in touch later on to work with them to make a plan for when and where they’ll vote. If they want to volunteer, that’s even better!
  2. Like the Get Out and Vote Facebook page, and invite others too:

Please double check that the information we have for you is correct. Having the right information for you will save our volunteers time when we really get busy, so please take a moment now to check by clicking on this link.

Let’s Get Out and Vote!

Warm regards
Helen Kelly
New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Authorised by: Helen Kelly, NZCTU, Level 7, 178 Willis St, Wellington

Get Out and Vote · New Zealand

You can also keep up with Let’s Get Out and Vote on Twitter or Facebook.

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Hotel ordered to pay $80,000 in outstanding wages

22 Jul

An Auckland hotel has been ordered by the Employment Relations Authority to pay nearly $80,000 in outstanding wages to two employees.

Filipino couple Abraham and Nancy Agustin were employed at Auckland Harbour Oaks, and alleged the hotel had underpaid them and withheld part of their salaries.

The employers maintained their payment regime is correct but failed to provide any wage and time records to the authority, as required by law.

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NZ – Inequality and poverty measured

22 Jul

By Mike Treen, Unite National Director

(Reprinted from The Daily Blog)

The Household Incomes Report by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) are providing powerful evidence that New Zealand is a deeply unequal society with intractable levels of poverty that includes many with jobs as well as those without.

The reports which are produced annually cover changes in household income since 1982. This is very useful as it covers the full period from the beginning of the so-called “neoliberal” assault against working people in the interests of big business. It registers a steep decline in living standards for working people, a rise very rapid rise in inequality and a trebling of poverty rates from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s.

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Big Auckland protest again this Saturday

22 Jul

Originally posted on Kia Ora Gaza:

Gaza protest poster - 26 July 2014

This carnage has to stop!

Massive protests are erupting all over the world – a new ‘super power’ is emerging on the world stage: ‘people’s power’ will prevail.

While our leaders remain silent, humanity demands that Israel’s massacre of Palestinians ends now.

Please bring at least 5 others along to the rally on Saturday. Make your own placard.  Donate to the Gaza Emergency Medical Fund (see the side bar on for details).

Free south Auckland bus departs the Mangere East Community Centre, 372 Massey Rd at 1pm. Ring 275-6161 to book a seat.

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Kiwis march against Israel’s war on besieged Gaza

22 Jul

Originally posted on Kia Ora Gaza:

Video clip of the big Auckland rally against Israel’s war on Gaza last Saturday – part of the world-wide outrage demanding an end to Israel’s war crimes.

Aucklanders will be marching again this Saturday in even bigger numbers: 2pm Aotea Square.

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Protest again this Saturday, July 26, 2pm, Aotea Square

22 Jul

Originally posted on GPJA's Blog:

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Cafe chef awarded $50,000 for unfair dismissal

21 Jul

A former chef at an Auckland cafe has been awarded more than $50,000 in unpaid wages and compensation for unjustified dismissal.

The Employment Relations Authority was told by Lin Zhang that she had been employed by Tan Pacific at its cafe business in Auckland after travelling to New Zealand on a student visa.

Tan Pacific failed to show up for any hearings or respond to allegations throughout the authority’s investigation.

Ms Zhang told the ERA as evidence that her student visa was set to expire when she saw a job for a full time chef at BB’s Cafe advertised.

Ms Zhang said during the course of the interview she told her employer William Tan her visa was about to expire.

She said Mr Tan told her he would offer her the job and help with her visa application if she paid him $23,000 as a bond, to ensure she would remain working for him for two years.

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