April 1st Pay rise at McD’s

5 Apr

April 1st Pay rise at McD’s


All Unite union members at McDonald’s will get a pay rise of 50 cents (for crew) or 3.85% (for supervisors) from April 1st.

This increase was negotiated as part of the collective agreement negotiations last year. At that time Union members also received a special "pass on" payment of $50 or $100 which those on individual agreements did not get. That special payment was to allow for the terms of the Collective Agreement to be given to non union members.

The new rates for union members are:

Minimum Crew Rate – $13.50

Crew CCO* – $13.50 + 0.25c

Crew CCO (12 months)** – $13.50 + 0.50c

Crew Trainer – $13.50 + 0.75

Maintenance Person – $13.50 + 0.75

Shift Assistant – $13.50 + 0.75

Shift Supervisor / McCafe Team Leader (SSC PCAP complete) – $16.21

Certified Shift Supervisor (ASMC PCAP complete) – $17.29

In the collective agreement last year there were also some other important changes that improved the situation for union members. These included the following:

1. Targeted Scheduled Hours

This provision shall only apply to those employees normally working more than 25 hours a week; and who have 12 months’ service.

McDonald’s will endeavour to provide security of hours where possible to ensure employees can meet their ongoing financial commitments. Therefore the employer will schedule hours to minimise wide fluctuations in the hours an employee regularly works. It is agreed that this protocol will not apply where genuine business reasons for reduction in hours exist that are outside of the control of the Restaurant Manager, and when hours have been reduced equitably. This includes, but is not limited to: New restaurants where a pattern of trade has not been established; downturn in sales; where an employee receives more hours to cover ‘peak periods’, such as special events and school holidays and other similar situations.

This provision is based on the agreed availability of work at the start of an employee’s employment and is contingent upon the employee’s performance being rated at good or better. Any permanent changes of availability by the employee shall be advised to the employer. The manager shall advise the employee on what effect this change may have on their ongoing rostered hours.

Employees covered by this clause shall be offered additional regular shifts before new employees are employed. Where more than one employee offers to take up any additional regular shift then based on ability, qualifications and availability and all things being equal, the employee with the longer service shall be considered first.

Except for genuine business reasons, where an employee covered by this clause has had their normal hours reduced by more than 25%, they should approach their manager as to the reason for the reduction. If the employee believes the reduction to be inequitable and are therefore not satisfied with the explanation, then they have the right of appeal using the escalation process in point four. Unless otherwise agreed regular hours shall normally mean the average of the previous eight weeks roster. All things being equal any reductions of hours shall be spread equitably across employees in the store.

Escalation Process: Where an employee believes this protocol has been unfairly breached they shall first raise the matter with their manager. Where there is not a satisfactory outcome the employee may raise it with the appropriate Operations Supervisor or their franchisee. At any time, the employee may seek advice from a representative; a parent/guardian, delegate, Union official or other representative. Where there is still no resolution the employee may request the union to raise it with McDonald’s Human Resource Department. If the matter cannot be resolved it will be referred to the General Secretary of Unite Union and the Head of HR and Talent for McDonald’s

2. Other Agreed Matters

  • Security at stores – the company agrees to undertake a review of security procedures at its restaurants.
  • Social club is voluntary.
  • An agreement on the application of public holidays.
  • Health and Safety representatives will be provided with 2 days per rep. H&S training is not limited to approved training courses under the Health and Safety in Employment Act.
  • CCO training shall be made available to all employees. Where best efforts have been made by both the employee and Restaurant Manager/Franchisee to successfully complete CCO training within 12 months the employee shall be eligible to receive the ‘CCO + 12 month’ wage rate.
  • Payment for higher graded work.Subject to the facts in each case, if, on a very regular basis, an employee is performing a more senior role than the role they are remunerated for, then it is appropriate that they receive the rate of pay relevant to the higher graded role

3. Breaks

The timing of breaks should reflect our commitment to customer service but generally breaks will be given at reasonable intervals during the daily work period and accordance with the breaks schedule.

In exceptional circumstances where an employees is unable to take rest or meal breaks due to work demand they shall be compensated as follows:

Rest break – 15 minutes shall be added to the timesheet for each break missed

Meal break – 30 minutes shall be added to the time sheet for each break missed.

Nothing in this clause frees a manager from their obligations to ensure all employees are able to take their rest breaks. Where there are regular failures to provide breaks the employer shall take appropriate review of staffing levels.

Breaks Schedule

Entitlement for total hours worked (not including meal breaks)

  • Less than two hours – Nil.
  • Over 2 hours but not more than 4 hours – One 15 minute paid drink break.
  • Over 4 hours but not more than 6 hours – One 15 minute paid drink break and one unpaid half-hour meal break.
  • Over 6 hours but not more than 8 hours – Two 15 minute paid drink breaks and one unpaid half hour meal break
  • More than 8 hours – Repeat the above break entitlements as if the employee’s work period had started at the end of the eighth hour.

New Union Fee Structure

Unite’s fee structure changed from 1st April 2012, as approved by the Unite AGM last December.

Members working in cinemas and restaurants have paid a lower maximum fee than other members for some years. In 2010 it was decided to phase in the uniform fees over a two year period. As of 1st April all Unite members will pay a maximum fee of $5.50 per week (currently some pay a maximum of only $4.75)

The change will only affect restaurant and cinema members earning more than $432 a week. The maximum increase will be 75 cents a week for someone earning $500 or more. As you can see from this newsletter, the union is right now fighting for wage increases that will keep union fees being value for money.


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