Strike action on May Day at Events Cinema Queen St

2 May

There was an air of anticipation as the workers of Event Queen st prepared to show head office that their wage offer simply was not acceptable.

At 5.15pm on Tuesday the cinema attendants walked off the job in the first cinema strike action in four years.

We formed a picket line inside the Queen St foyer and smiled as the executives from head office were forced to serve the busy crowd, after joking amounts ourselves and explaining to customers why we were on strike we decided we wanted to go outside and do some chants.

The entire picket line went down the escalators and stood outside the Metro Centre entrance, we chanted slogans like “Working for nothing, really sucks! What do we want?! Fifteen bucks!” and “Who’s got the power?! We’ve got the power! What kind of power?! Union power!!”. For many workers, myself included, it was the first strike we’d ever been on and it really was a fun and empowering experience.

Cinema Attendant Anna Clague said “I’m here to make a stand for what we deserve!” That is the power of strike action, to stand together strong and proud, showing head office that we deserve better wages and we are prepared to fight for it.


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