CTU launch AFFCO Workers’ Appeal {01}

11 May

CTU Media Release

11 May 2012

CTU launch AFFCO Workers’ Appeal

CTU President Helen Kelly is today making a nationwide appeal for people to support the Talley’s AFFCO workers who are experiencing significant hardship at the hands of Talley’s AFFCO who have locked out hundreds of workers for over 2 months now.

Helen Kelly said “this is causing extreme hardship for these workers and their families, there are over 5000 kids directly affected by their parents and grandparents not being able to work. We are calling on people to make a donation to support these workers and their whanau.”

“People will have seen the Talley’s AFFCO workers on Campbell Live and Close Up this week – they are hard working, loyal families who just want to work. Affco want to starve these families into submission.”

“There are already some funds coming in from unions and the public, especially from towns where there is an AFFCO plant and people can see the effect on their community. There are also benefit entitlements for some workers. Unions are holding collections on jobs around the country, but there is a desperate need for more help.”

Helen Kelly said “you can help support families directly by making a donation.”

Donations can be made to CTU Disputes Fund at Kiwibank, Wellington (Branch), NZCTU DISPUTES FUND (Account holder), 38 9007 0894028 08 (Account).

Funds will be disseminated directly to the workers and used for essential food items and bills.


For further information contact

Helen Kelly, NZCTU President

021 776 741

Georgina McLeod, Communications and Campaigns Advisor

027 501 6880

Georgina McLeod | Communications and Campaigns Advisor | New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – Te Kauae Kaimahi

ph: 04 802 3817 | cell: 027 501 6880 | Unions – we’re about Fairness www.facebook.com/fairness.at.work www.union.org.nz

Please consider the need to print this email


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