International Support For Talley’s AFFCO Workers

18 May

AFFCO workers protest outside Talley’s mansion

CTU Media Release

18 May 2012

International Support For Talley’s AFFCO Workers

The International Union of Food Workers has today passed a resolution of support from their Geneva Congress for Talley’s AFFCO workers who are locked out or on strike.

Helen Kelly, CTU President says “over 500 delegates, representing millions of workers in the food, agriculture, hotel and catering sectors at the International Union of Food (IUF) global Congress today unanimously passed a resolution of solidarity and support for workers locked out and striking to fight for their rights at work at Talley’s AFFCO.”

“The resolution adds to our call for Talley’s to end the lockout and negotiate a fair and just collective agreement with the Meat Workers Union.”

Earlier this week, Peter Conway, CTU Secretary attended the Australian Council of Trade Unions Congress in Sydney, and met with the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union (AMIEU), National Union of Workers (NUW) and Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) to discuss the Affco dispute.

The ACTU Congress then passed a resolution that Congress support and stand with these 1300 Talley’s Affco workers, and called on the company to lift its lock out immediately and unconditionally and negotiate a fair and just collective agreement with the New Zealand Meat Workers Union.

Helen Kelly says “workers around the world are standing up and showing their support for these workers. They are calling on Talley’s AFFCO to negotiate in good faith for a collective agreement that respects the workers. These resolutions and signs of international support will bring international attention to the completely unacceptable and uncaring approach Talley’s AFFCO are taking in this dispute.”


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