Meat workers return with union agreement – funds still needed

22 May

The Talleys AFFCO lockout and dispute was settled at 5am today. Please see the attached media release circulated by the NZCTU.

A Big Thank You
Thank you to all Auckland active union members and paid staff who helped run collections, awareness raising and postcarding activities through the 12 week Talleys AFFCO lockout and strike. A range of activities were done within workplaces, delegate meetings, branches, workshops, delegate events and member meetings. I was hugely impressed and humbled by union members’ commitment to support and help the Talleys AFFCO workers and their families.

General Public Activities
I would also like to thank the paid and elected unionists, and often family members and friends, who took part in the Auckland CBD street collections and weekend markets. In particular I would like to thank First Union, SFWU, PSA, TEU, NZNO, NZEI and EPMU who coordinated the Auckland CBD collections. Being out amongst the general public and raising their awareness about the lockout and dispute was not easy at time. Good collections were completed and many thousands of postcard were distributed.

The Next Two Weeks – Donations Still Needed
Although the dispute has been settled, with the Talleys AFFCO union members returning to work quickly, great hardship still remains for these families. Four hundred and fifty union members have been locked out, with no pay, for 12 weeks. Three hundred meat workers were locked out for nine weeks and then were on strike for three weeks. The remaining five hundred union members have been on strike since Easter. Peter Conway (see email below) has asked for contributions, where possible, to continue over the next two weeks. The union members and their families at the Wiri site still need food donations. Please drop any collected food and household items to the Meat Workers Union, 259 Great South Road, Greenlane. Call Jo Donovan, 09-520-0035.

From the Inspirational File
There have been many instances of solidarity for the Talleys AFFCO union members and their families from other unions’ members. In response to the Wiri Site food appeal, the MUNZ’s Port of Auckland union members voted to donate one hour’s pay to buy food for Wiri and Horotiu workers and their families. We salute you!


Sue Plowman, NZCTU

Unite union National Director Mike Treen (right) joins Wiri picket line

Funds for Affco Workers

As you will be aware the dispute was settled earlier this morning subject to ratification.

Well done to the workers who stood firm for nearly 3 months during this dispute!

There are many others to acknowledge – the Meat Workers Union, Helen Kelly, Iwi leaders – but also our affiliates who have once again dug deep and shown that we will always support workers in dispute and even more so when they are facing a long lockout.

The workers are going back on pay today.

However there is still considerable hardship so if you are able to maintain contributions for another two weeks that would be appreciated.

We recognise that unions that were planning to start collections on jobs will not find it practicable to start that now.

Once again – thanks so much for all the support.


Peter Conway


New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – Te Kauae Kaimahi


Meat workers union newsletter for members on the dispute

Affco dispute settled (Joint press release)

Affco dispute settled

AFFCO meatworkers dispute settled By James Ihaka and Paul Harper

Affco and meatworkers reach agreement

Video: David Shearer visits picket line

AFFCO workers to get pay rise under new deal

Iwi leaders force AFFCO’s hand

Meatworkers win


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