Exposing right wing lies – behind the debate over the minimum wage, unemployment, tax and welfare “reform”

24 May

– Who is to blame for the economic crisis and what are the solutions? By Mike Treen, Unite National Director

During the petition campaign on lifting the minimum wage we got asked lots of questions on what the impact this will have on the economy. Will it cause prices to rise? What about its effect on employment? The government has also tried to shift the blame for the growth in unemployment and beneficiary numbers on the unemployed themselves. This was a pattern all governments followed during the last deep recession in New Zealand during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The most recent budget continued the process of shifting taxation from the rich to the poor with the claim it will lead to economic growth and ultimately improve the lives of everyone. Is there any truth behind the government claims? A number of these questions are taken up in the following article in a “Question and Answer” format by Mike Treen, National Director of Unite Union. He also tries to draw the lessons from the experience of the last recession so we don’t repeat some of the mistakes made that weakened the labour movement‟s ability to resist attacks on our rights and living standards


Mike Treen, Unite National Director speaking to workrights rally, Aotea Sqaure


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