24 May

Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand

Living Wage campaign: ‘There’s no quality of life’

Barely surviving on minimum wage

Campbell Live Part 1: Barely surviving on minimum wage

Campbell Live Part 2: Minimum wage while studying equals poverty

Living wage campaign; time for political discussion

Living wage campaign launched

CTU backs campaign for a Living Wage

Green Party supports living wage campaign

First Union: Living wage campaign will capture public mind

Faces from Living Wage Campaign Launch

London hotel staff to receive wage boost of almost £5,000 after first hotel chain offers London Living Wage

Unite Rialto delegate Tawera Paapu (left) at the campaign launch


Meat workers union newsletter for members on the dispute

The last day of the Horotiu picket?

Affco dispute settled (Joint press release)

Affco dispute settled

AFFCO meatworkers dispute settled By James Ihaka and Paul Harper

Affco and meatworkers reach agreement

Video: David Shearer visits picket line

AFFCO workers to get pay rise under new deal

Iwi leaders force AFFCO’s hand

Meatworkers win

The Union Report – 21 May 2012: The Union Report – with CANZ President Beven Hanlon and the PPTA’s Angela Roberts. Issue 1: National promised not to cut back frontline services, how much more frontline are teachers? Are larger class sizes the answer? Issue 2: Who should have the power to incarcerate – The state or a private company. What is the real cost of prison privatization? Issue 3: Are the new labour law announcements a negative for workers and unions?

Save Our Port booklet

Performance Pay Could Cut Teacher Salaries

Crackdown on foreign fishing boats

Minorities shut out of the public service


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