The Union Report – CTU Economist Dr Bill Rosenberg & SFWU’s Annie Newman

29 May

Issue 1: How does a zero budget impact on workers and public servants, Bill English claims we all liked it, really? Issue 2: What will the living wage campaign do for social justice in NZ? and Issue 3: How does Iwi involvement in the Affco industrial dispute change the wider dialogue for labour relations in NZ?



Hone Harawira: Workers WIN – again!

Waikato-Tainui Celebrates End of Lock-Out

Role of Iwi Forever Changed by AFFCO

AFFCO Workers Stand Strong in Te Puke

Talleys AFFCO Wiri picket



The living wage and the zero budget by Denise Roche MP

The Budget’s effect on low income families

Minimum wage while studying equals poverty

Why the poor are becoming poorer

Living Wage campaign launched in Auckland

Helen Kelly speaks to living wage campaign launch in Auckland

Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand Website


Ports of Auckland dispute update May 2012

Unite delegates join Ports of Auckland picket line

Author traverse stormy waters of union’s history

Undercover boss slams workers’ conditions

PM: No money for aged care workers

Tapu Misa: Caring for the carers of the aged

CTU welcomes hard hitting report into aged care sector

Ryman profit fuels row on aged care pay

More than 1000 teachers could lose jobs

Law change will widen Aussie-Kiwi gap Jackie Mcgrath, NZ Nurses Organisation

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