ADVANCE PASIFIKA – MARCH FOR OUR FUTURE! Saturday, June 16, 9am, Albert Park, Princes St, Auckland City

30 May

Advance Pasifika is a deliberate movement of Pasifika communities in Auckland signifying our collective voice. We know through painful experience that a fair and equal NZ society is never voluntarily granted. It must be demanded. Today we demand equity. Our future is at risk. The education system is failing our young people; our health is deteriorating; our people are being locked out of affordable housing; mothers and fathers are dying alone; our incomes are disproportionately lower; our communities are being fragmented and our ideas ignored. It is time for change. It is time for action. We call on local and national leaders to take heed of our significant contribution to this city and nation in years past, today and in years to come. This too, is our city.

Today we march for:

  • Affordable housing
  • Better education
  • Quality healthcare
  • Fairness in our justice system
  • Jobs
  • Our children and our families
  • Our churches
  • A better future
  • Auckland… Aotearoa

We march together, united and in one accord. Empowered by our cultural heritage, we march for all the ages. We march for our future.

Key messages:

  • That we are diverse nations of the Pacific region standing together
  • That we affirm Maori as the indigenous people of Aotearoa
  • That we demand full and fair participation in NZ society
  • That we honour the sacrificial journeys of our parents in coming to Aotearoa
  • That we take our place of leadership in Auckland
  • That together we confront the social and economic challenges facing our communities

For more information contact us: Email – advance.pasifika Text – 021 024 586 74 Check us out on Facebook – user name ‘Advance Pasifika’


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