Burger King Members vote on new agreement

1 Jun

Unite Union members at Burger King are being asked to vole on a new Collective Agreement with the company.

We are recommending a YES vote to the following resolution:

“That the proposed Collective Agreement between Unite Union and Burger King be accepted.”

Members employed at Burger King  can vote online by visiting this website: www.surveymonkey.com/s/BK2012

Members will need to enter their unique Unite Union ID number which is being emailed out and sent by text directly to members.

Email support@unite.org.nz or phone 08002unite (0800 286483) if you have not received your ID number.

Voting is open until 5pm on Friday 15th June.

The Offer:

The main points in the new agreement and associated protocols are:

1) A new wage system with a guaranteed rise of 25c an hour to $13.75 once L3 skill verified.

2) An objective measure of L3

3) Additional 25c an hour to $14.00 an hour once skilled verified as Team Trainer.

4) An additional 25c an hour to $14.25 when skills verified to prod/serv coordinator.

5) A one year agreement from April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013

6) A variation of weekly hours policy which limits the extent hours can be varied from one week to the next for members with 12 months service who work more than 20 hours a week. For those workers hours should not be reduced by more than 25%.

7) When additional hours become available in a store (ie someone leaves) these hours should first be offered to existing qualified staff . Any reduction in hours should be shared fairly and reasonably.

8) Access protocols for union officials visiting stores have been clarified.

9) The option of redeployment when refurbishing stores has been affirmed.

One of the main problems we have identified at Burger King was that very few staff were being promoted from the minimum wage (currently $13.50 an hour). Now all staff can get an additional 25 cents an hour and some staff an additional 50 cents or 75 cents above the minimum wage.

We still think BK are behind other fast food companies which allow nearly all staff to get to at least 50 cents above the minimum wage within 6 months or so. But this is a first step at BK which we appreciate.

In addition BK have offered a pretty good clause around security of hours that we want to see worked on and enforced.

If you would like more detailed information you can:

Download the full Terms of Settlement

Download the Access protocol for Unite representatives.

Download the Policy on variation of weekly hours.

Download the Draft Collective Agreement.


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