RBL Bargaining Team recommends settlement

1 Jun

The Restaurant Brands bargaining team (made up of 10 delegates from various stores plus Unite Union officials) is recommending that union members working at KFC, Pizza Hutt, Starbucks and the RBL Call Centre accept the settlement package on offer from the company.

This agreement only covers those paid an hourly wage (not salaried managers who have a separate agreement being negotiated).


Unite members working at RBL can vote online by visiting this website: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RBL2012VOTE

Members will need to enter their unique Unite Union ID number which is being emailed out and sent by text directly to members.

Email support@unite.org.nz or phone 08002unite (0800 286483) if you have not received your ID number.

Voting is open until 5pm on Friday 15th June.


The Offer:

The proposed settlement is the product of many days of bargaining and right until the final moment it could have gone either way. In the end the package is one we think is acceptable. Of course we didn’t get everything we wanted but we did get many of our claims addressed in the new Collective Agreement or as part of the settlement outside the agreement.

The main points of the settlement are as follows:

1) A pay rise of 2.5% (KFC) or 2% (Pizza Hutt and Starbucks).

2) All allowances to increase by 2%. new Higher Duties Allowance in Call Centre.

3) Overtime rates of time and half after 8 hours (with no waiver).

4) A much stronger clause on breaks which remain at 15 minutes and should be able to be taken mid shift

5) A much improved disciplinary process with rights to representation and seeing all the evidence against you guaranteed.

6) Early shift finished by mutual agreement only

7) Free meals at KFC as part of the Collective Agreement

8) Guaranteed opportunity for redeployment to KFC for redundant Pizza Hutt workers

9) Stronger guarantees against bullying and harassment

10) Clarifying that asking staff to work unpaid is serious misconduct

11) Minimum Guaranteed hours of 25 a week for LAS qualified with three years service.

12) Student visa holders to be rostered up to 20 hours a week.

Union Member Benefits
Unite Union members only will also receive a 72 page discount booklet; a Christmas hamper each year; life insurance for members ($5000 for a member and their spouse, $2000 for members children); a day out at Rainbows End or some equivalent.

If you would like more detailed information you can:
Download the full Terms of Settlement

Download the Protocol on guaranteed hours of work for LAS qualified after 3 years.
Download the complete collective agreement.


2 Responses to “RBL Bargaining Team recommends settlement”

  1. Arron June 1, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Section 4: Dispute Resolution:
    “within 90 days of the date of action complained of”

    Is this superseded by section 114(1) of Employment Act which states 90 from when the employee was made aware of the action(or when it happened, whichever is later) that led to a dispute or does it have to be 90 days from when it happened?

    • unitenews June 6, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

      This clause is incorrect in the document. After your earlier suggestion it was ammended as follows but was accidentally left out during the final edit. This is how the document should read and will read when finally adopted.

      “4 Dispute Resolution
      An employee who believes they were disadvantaged by an unjustifiable action of the Employer is entitled to raise a personal grievance under the Employment Relations Act 2000. To raise a grievance, the employee must make the Employer or a representative of the Employer, aware that there is a grievance, which the Employee wants the Employer to address, within 90 days of the date of action complained of. The Employer then has 14 days to respond and if the Employee is still not satisfied with the response, they are then free to lodge an application for the matter to be heard by the

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