7 Jun

Message from International Transport Federation on Auckland Port dispute

Dear comrades,

You won’t need reminding that MUNZ’s defence of jobs at Ports of Auckland (POAL) was one of the pivotal struggles of this year – but it’s not completely over yet. Despite the successes in the face of lockout, outsourcing and threatened redundancies, the victory is not yet complete.

MUNZ has put its thanks to the ITF and its docker unions firmly on the record – not just for your personal support but also for the amazing job you all did in internationalising the dispute. POAL and those backing it in local government suddenly found themselves with a tiger by the tail.

This is how things stand: MUNZ remains committed to reaching a collective agreement but will not budge on contracting out. The union is prepared to work with the company and has stated that it will consider any reasonable flexibility deal that helps the company increase its productivity – thereby removing the company’s stated need to contract out.

MUNZ workers are back at work but the situation is tense, with union members working alongside non-union workers who appear to have received preferential treatment at times. The company is believed to be training the non-union workers to be crane and straddle drivers. MUNZ believes this is a breach of the legal injunction, and have launched legal action against POAL.

POAL reportedly admitted that it breached workers’ privacy by releasing personal information to the press about workers and their families’ individual circumstances. Auckland’s mayor, Len Brown, is promising to take action against any council-owned company that is found to have breached privacy laws.

Your support has been crucial to MUNZ in fighting POAL management’s swingeing attack on conditions at Auckland. But they may need your backing again. We ask that you be ready to once again get behind the dockers of Auckland if a satisfactory resolution is not achieved.

Yours in solidarity,

Frank Leys,
ITF dockers’ section secretary

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