The Union Report (11/6/12) and other news

12 Jun

The Union Report online now – with commentator Laila Harre & EPMU National Secretary Bill Newson. Issue 1. The average salary for CEO’s is now $1.5million, showing the gap between the richest and lowest paid NZers is still stark. How do we grow wages & what is the role of unions? Issue 2. Australian Fairfax journalists are involved in industrial action as jobs are moved to NZ. Do unions stand in solidarity with their Australian counterparts or do they welcome jobs for their members? and Issue 3 tonight, What will the latest ERA changes mean and will the Government be more conciliatory in the wake of the education unions win over class room sizes?

Coming up…
18th June – Education special with the PPTA & NZEI
25th June – Helen Kelly from the CTU & Brenda Pilott from the PSA
2nd July – Cee Payne from NZNO & First Union
9th July – Helen Kelly & MUNZ


First: Gap between lowest and highest paid still stark

CTU: IMF recommendations a recipe for failure

Scrapheap the fear for jobless over 50s

English eyes education, health for public sector cuts

Right Back to the Future: Welfare Reform 1991-2011

Bay kids’ heartbreaking poverty

Asset-sales law ‘being rushed’ to dodge poll


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