The Union Report – Education Special

19 Jun

The Union Report – Education Special with Ian Leckie, National Secretary of the NZEI and Austen Pageau the PPTA’s spokesperson for the emerging teachers network.
Issue 1 – According to the Prime Minister, the only problem with larger classroom sizes was the sales pitch – does this suggest that the Prime Minister isn’t listening?
Issue 2 – Why are we adopting an idea like Charter Schools from the far right ACT Party?
Issue 3 – Student allowance cut backs, national standards and the gutting of adult education – is this Government committed to Public Education?


‘Secret’ breakthrough at port

SkyCity worker threatened with sack over bible – union

Casino worker faces action over Bible at work

Aotearoa NZ Is Still Not For Sale. National Day of Action against Asset Sales, Saturday July 14 2012

Photo: Dunedin protest against asset sales

Asset sales law should be delayed until public has say

Harawira: Mixed Ownership Model Bill – Second Reading

John Minto: Minister’s rose-tinted glasses are two generations out of date

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