BK Epsom delegate Jade Haira on why she joined the union

25 Jun

The reasons why I joined the Union:

• To fight to improve all wages and working conditions, esp. more so in the food industry because I work at BK but for everyone as well. I was impressed when we got rid of youth wages. I believe everyone should be treated equally and therefore paid the same for the same time of work regardless of their age.
• I have also been involved in Negotiations and was a Member of the Unite Exec. Committee. These experiences have opened my eyes to realise what really goes on behind the covers i.e. I normally work on the floor on a daily basis but in negotiations and being on the exec. you meet all the head honchos to both sides and you come to understand where and how you can make a difference.
• I like the fact whenever, wherever you have any sort of work problem, Unite is only a call or even txt away to ask for help. This can be done so easily either through your store delegate or your area organiser and they will be there in a jiff.
• I encourage people to join. If one single person tries to take on a huge company, you don’t stand as much chance as you would if you had back up with you and that back up, is Unite.
• I like that even if you change jobs, you can still be a member. So it doesn’t matter where I go, Unite will always be there with you.
• It’s great to know that there are others out there going through exactly or worse than yourself so to even help one person brings a great deal of satisfaction and accomplishment.


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