Victory at Event Cinemas

26 Jun

By Nathanael Coleman, Queen St Delegate, Event Cinemas

The campaign for me started at the negotiation table, after our executive managers put their first absurdly low offer on the table.

From that instant I knew we wouldn’t be able to secure a fair increase without a ground up movement from our union members.

My Queen St members understood what was required and we lead the charge with members walking off shift on the 1st of May, International Workers Day.

As the campaign lengthened we remained resolute, confident that the end result would be what we deserve and through our efforts it would be achieved.

Although we secured the raises we were entitled to, it was a bittersweet victory as we knew that while we fought hard, our final wage increases amounted to keeping us in the same place, relative to minimum wage.

Still the increases we won were far greater than the company initially offered. The strike experience was a great unifying force at our Queen St site, with workers strengthened by the fact that the increases we received were through our efforts.

Event Cinema bargaining team. From left: Nathanael Coleman (Queen St); Eric Chang (Albany); Tawera Paapu (Rialto, Newmarket); Mike Treen (Unite National Director); Darren Cheung (Westcity).


One Response to “Victory at Event Cinemas”

  1. Simon Oosterman June 27, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    Well done Nathanael and co on winning your pay rise! It’s also great that you’ve shared your experience, so others know that everyday kiwis can make a difference at work when they get together. Solidarity!

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