The Union Report with Lesley Harry from NZNO & Robert Reid First Union + union news

3 Jul

Issue 1: Are the Governments 10 KPI’s for the Public Service achievable or fanciful? Issue 2: Secret briefing papers to Steven Joyce show the govt’s 100,000 promised new jobs will largely go to highly-skilled professional males. Is this employment policy for everyone or just the few? and Issue 3: Pay equity, when will it be taken seriously?

Coming up… . 9th July – Helen Kelly & Garry Parsloe from MUNZ; 16th July – CANZ & ?; 23rd July – Annie Newman from the SFWU & Laila Harre; 30th July (filmed on the 27th) – Helen Kelly and James Ritchie from NZDWU.

Residents march over home

Shop workers welcome bill defeat

CTU: More support, not less please Minister!


Regulate beneficiary banks By Tapu Misa

CTU Economic Bulletin: This month, in answer to an affiliate’s question, the commentary has a look at the accuracy of forecasts of wage increases made by Treasury and by various forecasters averaged into NZIER’s Consensus forecasts.

Pensions and the retirement age: the problem is capitalism, not an aging population

Price of progress hurts Kiwis: The rampant cost of living means two-income families are increasingly worse off than single-income families were a generation ago – and it is threatening to put them under.

A dangerous investment: Australia, New Zealand and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Employer stance at ILO forum hypocritical by CTU president Helen Kelly


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