10 Jul

A message for BK workers

By Mike Treen, Unite National Director

Workers join a union to improve their wages and conditions.

The also want to have someone who can represent them when they get into trouble and stand by you when you want to raise a problem with the company.

These problems could involve issues like:

  • Not getting a pay rise due when it is due
  • Not getting training needed in a timely way
  • Not getting your breaks
  • Not getting enough hours to work each week.
  • Favouritism to the managers mates
  • Bullying and harassment.
  • Managers shouting at you
  • Discrimination against you for any reason (race, colour, marital status, sex, sexual orientation)
  • Being punished by having your hours cut rather than a proper process.

That is why workers at BK and other employers have joined Unite. It is also why some managers don’t like workers joining Unite. It cramps their style! Companies also know that if the union can improve the wages for workers it may mean a little less profit to their shareholders.


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