Living Wage Update July 2012

27 Jul

Living Wage Aotearoa NZ Update

July 2012

Aotearoa New Zealand has growing poverty and inequality. This means more and more New Zealanders don’t get paid enough to meet their needs and participate as active citizens in society.

Your interest in this new movement is important. Individuals and organisations around the country have told us they want to do something to reduce inequality and poverty among low waged New Zealanders. Over 65 organisations have endorsed a statement of support for the idea of a living wage. This statement says:

A living wage is the minimum income necessary to provide workers and their families with the basic necessities of life. A living wage should enable workers to live with dignity and to participate as active citizens in society. We call upon the Government, employers and society as a whole to strive for a living wage for all households as a necessary and important step in the reduction of poverty in New Zealand.



A Wellington launch

After a successful launch in Auckland, Wellington community organisations, faith groups and unions are planning a launch in the capital city. If you live in the Wellington region please come along and bring members of your organisation.

Living Wage Aotearoa NZ Wellington Launch:
12 noon- 2.00pm, August 30
Wesley Church, Taranaki St, Wellington

The Auckland network

Plans have begun in Auckland to build a network and a programme of activity to raise the profile of the living wage, win broad-based community support and identify the first steps in transforming the low pay of many Auckland workers. If you would like to be part of this process, come to an open meeting for all interested people:

Auckland planning meeting:
2.00 – 4.00pm, Monday, August 6
35 George St, Kingsland, Auckland


The Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand website has a range of resources to support conversations you have with other members of your organisation, congregation, or constituency. This includes Frequently Asked Questions and information sheets on the Living Wage:

· Why do we need it?
· Where did it all begin?
· Why is public money a focus?
· Who benefits?
· How much is it?
· How do we work together?


Along with 65 supporting organisations which have signed the statement many people have offered help. These are some ways to support the movement:

· Attend the Wellington launch
· Participate in a planning process in Auckland (see events on the website)
· Talk to organisations about the living wage (find resources)
· Ask an organisation to endorse the statement
· Offer skills (legal, facilitating, networking, training, communications), if you have not already
· Send the campaign a donation

Living Wage News July 2012.pdf


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