The Union Report with Unite’s Matt McCarten & RMTU’s Wayne Butson & other union news (14/8/12)

14 Aug

Issue 1: Issue 1: Unemployment is up to 6.8% – where are the Jobs Mr Key? Issue 2: More cuts and contracting out at KiwiRail – why are we gutting this asset? and Issue 3: Has injecting a false competition model between the Ports failed NZ strategically?


CTU: Higher unemployment needs a plan

TV3: Inside NZ – The Price of Fish

Crew won’t get Government help to get owed wages

UN urges Govt reforms to not target beneficiaries

LCI shows wages barely keeping up with inflation

CTU President Helen Kelly

Twelve Questions with Helen Kelly

RMTU: Port Announcement Sounds Death Knell for over 50 Jobs

Teacher unions attack charter schools

Gordon Campbell: Extending parental leave a no-brainer

Patients suffering due to funding shortfalls – PSA—PSA/tabid/1607/articleID/264558/Default.aspx#ixzz230n25mkf


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