The Union Report with CTU’s Dr Bill Rosenberg and NZEI’s Vice-President Frances Guy (20/8/12) + Other union news

21 Aug

Issue 1: Unemployment has risen to 6.8% – what should the Government be doing to get NZ back to work and what damage is occurring in our migrant work force?

Issue 2: If Charter Schools are the answer, what on earth is the question?

and Issue 3: A new study shows NZ nurses are battling ‘moral distress’, what are public servants supposed to do when they see the system failing?


New union offers advice for migrant workers

Parliament’s cleaners seek pay rise – Cleaners want $15 an hour, and respect

Worker wants port’s apology for leaking details of wife’s death

Cecil Walker, seen on the picket during the port strike, says he feels betrayed when he goes in to work now. Photo

Christchurch Rail Workers Revolt Against Cost Cutting Plan

KiwiRail workers discuss possible strike

Labour: Urgent investigation needed into migrant exploitation

Protest outside BK over exploitation of migrant labour

Minister promises action on underpaid migrants

Port transparency overdue

Maritime Union Backs New Ports Bill

Fishing: Immigration approves 1744 foreign workers


Unemployment – the stat that sinks govts

Stats show shocking truth of growing inequality in NZ

Overseas Investment Office Says Rupert Murdoch Is Of Good Character – Because He Told Them So!

TPPWatch Action Bulletin #15 – 15 August 2012

CTU: Record Outflow to Australia

Smoke and Mirrors: The strange tale of Fletcher Building’s ‘1000 new jobs’ for Christchurch.


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