Unite Union and Burger King Dispute Resolved

31 Aug

Media Release: 31/8/2012

The Unite Union and Burger King have reached a resolution in their dispute.

Whilst the parties have agreed to keep the details confidential, Unite believes it’s members will be very pleased with the outcome.

The resolution reached yesterday between the parties resolves the dispute over the union relationship and rights of union members. In addition the parties will work in good faith to promptly resolve any individual employee cases.

In the next few days a joint union-company notice will be displayed in every store followed up by a letter to union members explaining the outcome.

Unite would like to thank all the people who supported the union campaign and the many Burger King customers who passed on their support to us and to individual workers in the stores.

We are confident that Burger King is committed to building a positive environment and become an employer of choice for its employees. The many New Zealanders who supported our union members can now feel confident in giving their custom to Burger King.

Mike Treen

National Director
Unite Union
09 215 3392
029 5254744

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