3 days until the Sign-a-thon to Keep our Assets (24 and 25 November)

21 Nov

Thanks to all those unions who have responded to requests to provide people to help over the weekend. We are determined to play our part, along with Labour, Greens, Grey Power, NZ First and Student Associations. This means we do need to know what specific union resources are being involved in the raft of weekend activities.

This is why Georgie McLeod, Carol Beaumont and Matthew Fitzsimmons have been ringing you. If you haven’t yet spoken to them please call Carol Beaumont on 0272757374.

There are a huge range of activities all around NZ. We need union people with cars and people – delegates, family, friends to link up with activities that suit them – timewise or location wise – over the weekend. All of the activities are listed on http://www.signathon.org.nz

It is important to actually sign up on that website so the organising committee knows where we have (and haven’t) got people. Even if you can’t do the full length of time associated with each event please still sign up.

If you, or someone in your organisation is organising an event, please ensure that they bring enough petition forms (PDF attached), plenty of pens and clipboards (old coreflutes make a pretty good clipboard if you’re short).We can help with the resources like petitions etc, just give one of us a call. Organising a collection point does require a greater level of commitment from the union volunteer, but is invaluable to the cause and the success of the day.

If you have other events or locations that are not already on the list, and people who can organise a group of friends/colleagues to collect for a couple of hours on Saturday or Sunday, please let Carol know. Alternatively, there are still some sites without coordinators, so let us know if you have a volunteer!

This weekend is important and we hope that it will take us over the 80,000 signatures required to ensure a citizens initiated referendum on keeping our assets is held. I know that it is a busy time of the year and that people are tired but individuals giving a couple of hours can really make a difference.

Many of you have continued to collect petitions at workplaces and union events. Please ensure you forward these promptly to either Georgie at PO Box 6645, Wellington 6141, or to the PO Box address on the petition forms – we need to get all the forms in as soon as possible so we have an accurate picture of the numbers.

If you have any questions please contact Carol Beaumont 027 275 7374 or Georgie McLeod 027 501 6880.


Peter Conway


New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – Te Kauae Kaimahi

P O Box 6645


+64 4 8023816

mobile 0274 939 748





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