CTU: Vital importance of minimum wage review

13 Dec

The CTU is releasing its submission to the Minimum Wage Review.

CTU Economist Bill Rosenberg says “we are calling for an immediate increase to $15 an hour for the minimum wage, and for an increase to $18.44 in April 2014. The figure of $18.44 represents 66 per cent of the average wage, which we argue should be the level at which to benchmark the minimum wage.”

“The minimum wage review is of vital importance as it is an opportunity to address the problem of low pay and its effects on poverty”.

Bill Rosenberg said that the comprehensive CTU submission addresses major questions such as research on the effects of minimum wage increases on employment, the gender pay gap, and widening income inequality.

“The CTU is also concerned that minimum wage review is usually a broad and inclusive process with submissions coming in from a wide range on perspectives. This year the Government has cut back consultation to just CTU and Business NZ, and we were only given one week to prepare our submission.”

The CTU submission on the minimum wage review can be found here.


For further information contact:
Bill Rosenberg, Economist, CTU
04 802 3815 / 021 637 991

Georgina McLeod, Communications and Campaigns Advisor,
027 501 6880 / 04 802 3817


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