Worker news w/e 25/1/13

25 Jan


Do you hear the people sing? At 430pm today, the workers will rise up against Miserable bosses at an Auckland site.

Forestry Death Renews Calls For Inquiry Into Industry

Second Forest Death this year

Union leader supports private equity tax clampdown

Robert reid

Julie Fairey: Pay fairly and all of society wins

NZ workplace safety a ‘national disgrace’ – consultant

Graduate earnings report confirms gender pay gap

Air NZ in call centre move

Facing a future as Australia’s poor relations

Chef who harassed boss wins $30k


Auckland Action Against Poverty 2012 highlights

Feed the Kids Bill deserves Select Committee scrutiny

Support mounting for MANA’s Feed the Kids Bill

‘Feed the Kids Bill’ Opportunity to Improve Lives of NZ Kids

Nurses support ‘Feed the Kids’ Bill

Who wouldn’t want to feed the kids?

Call for all MPs to support Food in Schools Bill

Gordon Campbell On the crisis in affordable housing

Gordon Campbell On the subsidies for The Hobbit.

When a state house was for life

Affordable housing? It’s right under your nose, guys

Asset sales petition gets its numbers


The world’s 100 richest billionaires netted $240 billion in income last year, calculates the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. That would be enough, notes a just-released Oxfam International report, to end extreme global poverty four times over.


“Billionaires warn higher taxes could prevent them from buying politicians.” Headline from the New Yorker magazine Borowitz Report, a look at the “news reshuffled,” December 9, 2012


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