Workers News 17/2/13

17 Feb


Battle for a living wage: A Kiwi bloke can survive on $19 an hour … yeah right

Actor Grae Burton, depends on contract work rather than regular wages, especially since the Hobbit law defined actors as independent contractors. Photo  Greg Bowker

Redundancy leaves truckies stressed

The pay you need to survive

Editorial: Key to ‘living wage’ will be equating it with fairness

Mayor pushes to give hundreds a pay increase

$2 an hour ‘common’ for migrants

Students obliged to take jobs at well below minimum wage

Chanon Jitkomut is a former university lecturer from Bangkok who has struggled to find work under the skilled immigration visa scheme. Photo Natalie Slade

Unions seek ‘living wage’ for thousands

Key not keen on Living Wage

Guy Standing Guy Standing: basic income and the Precariat – Professor of Development Studies at the University of London, founder member and co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network, and author of The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class. He is visiting New Zealand as keynote speaker at the Precarious Work and Living Wage Symposium. (48′48″)

Battle for a living wage: Campaigner says mindset shift needed to accompany monetary leap

Ghosts in corridors of power highlight disparities in pay

Mareta Sinoti’s workload cleaning Parliament has doubled since she began three years ago but there’s no extra pay. Photo Mark Mitchell

Cities agree to look into higher pay

Hard working poor families desperate for a living wage

Green Party Supports Living Wage

New Zealand Living Wage $18.40 an hour

Labour champions the Living Wage

PSA: Government Needs To Blaze The Trail On Living Wage

Industries quail at pay cost

Worker sacked after two days awarded $6000 in compensation

$18.40 an hour needed for living wage

Auckland worker (and FIRST Union member) Fa’atau Manoa speaks to One News tonight about how a Living Wage would help his family makes end meet a little easier.

More on Living Wage: http://www.livingw


Brian Rudman: Collapse painful for all but bosses

KFC employee hospitalised after oil vat explosion

Union speaks out over KFC accident

Worker who lost fingers ignored warning

Waikato trucking firm fined for overworking


America’s top 0.1 percent of income earners have seen their take-home nearly quadruple over the last three decades, the Economic Policy Institute reports. After adjusting for inflation, average top 0.1 percent earnings rose from $569,521 in 1979 to $2,158,892 in 2011. These totals don’t include income from capital gains and other investments.


“Excessive inequality is corrosive to growth; it is corrosive to society. I believe that the economics profession and the policy community have downplayed inequality for too long.” Christine Lagarde, International Monetary Fund managing director, Cut bankers’ pay or risk another crash, Independent, January 24, 2013


CTU: 163,000 People Unemployed

Unemployment Figures Highlight Ongoing Crisis

Bernard Hickey: Reserve Bank sticks to the script as our economy teeters on brink

New Zealand’s sad manufacturing problem

Chris Ford: The economy becomes more unbalanced – free market silliness must end!

Carbon credit price meltdown

Government must promise NZ won’t cave on Pharmac in TPPA

Greenpeace report on green development welcomed by CTU

Brian Gaynor: Mainzeal collapse needs investigation

Questions raised over job statistics


Beneficiaries ‘attacked on all sides’

CPAG: Call for greater protection for children

The politics of the child poverty measurement consultation

Gordon Campbell on income inequality, and Tunisia


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