Workers news w/e 12/4/13

12 Apr


Unite National Director Mike Treen has started a blog hosted on the TheDailyBlog website. The site is sponsored by several unions and hosts some of new Zealand’s leading progressive commentators. It is worth checking out. Mike’s blog will be covering union news and general political comment but the views expressed are his own and not necessarily those of Unite Union.

Mike Treen: Why aren’t we allowed to hate our enemies?

Mike Treen speaking to workers rally against proposed “right to sack” law in 2006.


CTU: Third Forest Death a Tragedy

Safer forests family’s aim TV1

Laila Harre: Paid Parental Leave is a human right, not an employment right

Hospital food change may hit jobs

Govt to close all NZ hospital kitchens

Toxins In The Timber Mills: The remarkable struggle of Joe Harawira and the Sawmill Workers Against Poisons shows it will take more than good rules to keep workers and the environment safe by Alison McCulloch

Helen Kelly: True Blue Worker Hate

Judy McGregor: Mighty pay rise overlooks aged carers

Pak n Save & New World sticking out like a sore thumb over youth rates

Helen Kelly: What would I be prepared to die (or worse) for

Government moves to cut youth pay by 20%

John Minto: The GCSB has become a threat to our civil liberties not its guardian



Nicky Hager: Money trail leads home to New Zealand

Mighty River Monster| 500 Words

Jane Kelsey: What is really driving China in trade negotiations and why Key is failing

Kiwis at centre of money maze: Hager

Elderly person’s nightmare in the red zone

Jane Kelsey: Long way to go yet for mega trade deal

Nothing Much Has Changed. Power Junky: The Bluff Smelter’s Early Years.

Cafca: Let the “Too Big to Fail” Smelter Fail

Mana: Time for State Rent Control


Poverty Watch 26

Income gap growing wide as the Ditch

The strange case of Paula Bennett

CPAG: Myths and Facts about DPB Recipients

CTU: Welfare Reforms: Wrong Route


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