Turn McDonalds Gay Day, tonight 8pm at Britomart

10 May

McDonalds workers and their allies from the LGBT community will be joining young Unite union delegate Sean Bailey at a protest outside McDonalds Britomart tonight 8pm, after he was warned by a manager that he would be disciplined if “he turned anybody else gay on shift”.

Sean said: ‘One of my managers said, “if you act gay on my shift, I will discipline you.”

‘He also said, “if you turn anyone else in the store gay, I will punish you and make you lose your job”.’

News of McDonald’s bullying of Unite delegate for being Gay has gone international

Bailey said the comments forced him to call in sick because he could not face working with a homophobe, meaning he lost work hours and money.

He says the manager was told to apologize and ended up moving to another store in central Auckland.

‘I think the punishment was unfair for something so serious,’ Bailey said. ‘Even though he had moved stores there’s nothing to stop him from doing the same thing somewhere else.’

There will be a kiss in at the store, and an improvised Gay Disco experience outside on the picket line, complete with costumes.

Other McDonalds workers who have experienced bullying because of their ethnicity, gender and sexuality will also be speaking out.

More info contact Joe Carolan, Unite Campaigns Organiser 029 44 55 702.


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