McStrike at McDonald’s North Dunedin

13 May

See also the story in the Otago Daily Times: "Picketers ‘run over’ at McDonald’s"


2 Responses to “McStrike at McDonald’s North Dunedin”

  1. Rachel May 13, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    I am a union member myself, believing in the rights of each person that works hard in NZ. However when these picketers put the life of my son in danger I was sickened by their egotistical attitudes. We were close to getting t-boned on Dunedin Norths one way system whilst being shouted at by a woman who obviously packs a few Angus Burgers away herself. I didn’t realise that effective picketting was about putting the people you are trying to convince at risk. Disgusting.

    • unitenews May 14, 2013 at 6:48 pm #

      We are sorry you felt alarmed at the protest. We do appoint people on each picket to watch out for safety of both picketers and passers by. By their very nature pickets and protests do create distractions and disruptions to the normal flow of traffic. As with numerous other potential unexpected disruptions on the roads (weather, pedestrians, children, animals, traffic jams etc) the vast majority of drivers adjust their driving to suit the conditions. Unfortunately a few drivers, either wilfully or out of ignorance, do not adjust their driving and sometime create hazards both for our picketers and other road users. As you correctly point out, there is no sense for us in deliberately disrupting or endangering members of the public just passing by.

      People determined to cross the picket line into the store are likely to be inconvenienced and also likely to be informed very clearly why the stores workers are picketing and why we are asking them not to use the store at that time. For that we make no apology.

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