McDonald’s: It’s time to withdraw unlawful discounts to Police

17 May

Lauren Voyce
HR Manager
McDonald’s NZ

Hi Lauren,

It has become clear from the media reports that the discounts being offered by McDonald’s are not approved by Police head office or the Minister of Police.

Is the company concerned that they could be seen as encouraging police officers to break their code of conduct by offering the discount to any officer in uniform?

The police also said in 2007 that they had written to you to ask if the discount would be withdrawn. Did the company receive this request? If so why did they not act on it at the time?

In light of these facts is the company ceasing to offer the discount at McCopco stores?

Is the company asking the franchisees to cancel the offer?

It would seem to me that the withdrawal of a 50% discount to all 11000 police in NZ would free up some money to pay for the free meal being asked for by staff.


Mike Treen
National Director
Unite Union
029 5254744

“Would you like Lies with that?”: McDonald’s workers and student supporters try to get a few police on the line using burgers for bait. The fishing was terrific, and police were practically jumping into the boat. It is against the Police Association’s Code of Conduct to take “considerations” from the public. But while they’ve denied it for years, it has now come to light that Police get 50% off their meals whenever they eat at McDonalds, and often don’t even have to wait in line. Unfortunately, hard working crew on minimum wage can’t get a free meal even if they work a 12 hour shift (Auckland Central Police Station May 16, 2013)


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