“When Migrant workers are under attack- stand up, fight back!”

7 Jun

“When Migrant workers are under attack- stand up, fight back!” echoed through the night air of Auckland’s Balmoral suburb, as the first protest in a Global Day of Action against McDonald’s got underway in New Zealand.

The Balmoral store was built in the face of widespread community opposition with its huge private car park and drive-thru area ruining the historic character of Auckland’s unofficial Chinatown. But the drive-thru was shut down by two picket lines on either entrance, and 70% of customers were persauded by the picket to turn away and dine elsewhere in solidarity with the workers in dispute. cleardot.gif

Unite union activists were joined on the picket line by the Migrant Workers Association, a group that was formed in the battle with Burger King last August, and by Indian KFC workers from the local branch across the road! The KFC store is 100% unionised and prides itself on being a closed shop – the Acting Manager is an Indian union activist and joined the picket, highlighting the difference in pay and conditions between the two chains.

The Unite Union has been leading the McStrike campaign for better day and conditions since Mayday. Unite has unionised over 1500 workers at the 160 McDonald’s stores around the country, many of whom are migrants from India and China.


How mcDonald’s controls Migrant Workers


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