McStrike – Join the Picket on Queen St this Friday

4 Jul

On the freezing night of Thursday 27th June, Unite Union Picket lines outside Queen St McDonald’s were attacked by private security thugs and the police . The union delegate, Siddhata Vyas, was not allowed access her own workplace, neither were Union officials in contravention of both the agreed Collective Contract and Section 20 of the Employment Relations Act.

Watch what happened here-

Unite is appealing to all trade unionists to stand up for workers and union rights and join with us in a mass picket of McDonalds Queen Street this Friday night.

Union access can not be stopped by hired security thugs, and the NZ Police should not be automatically taking the Employers side during industrial disputes.

If so, then basic democratic rights are under attack, and if the National Party gets its way with labour law changes, then the scenes of last Thursday will be replayed at every front door of every work place in Aotearoa.

We will march up from Britomart McDonalds – assembling there at 6pm.

For further information contact Joe at 029 4455702. #McStrike

Bring your union banners and flags.


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