McStriker : Backpaid in full

5 Sep

Unite Union organiser Gary Cranston met Kapil Choudhary on an energetic and deeply heated strike at McDonald’s Wairau road during the McStrike campaign for a new Collective Agreement. Kapil was striking over being left on the wrong pay rate since November 2011. When asked to review Kapil’s CCO status, the company claimed they were unable to find the paperwork detailing the completion of his CCO and as such, couldn’t back pay him.

Kapil Choudhary (second left) on Wairau Rd picket during McDonald’s dispute. New Collective Agreement has now been agreed.

Thankfully, Kapil still had his CCO completion certificate handy, so he sent the mysteriously missing document through to his organiser, then it was sent on to the company and Kapil was backpaid in full, his CCO (+12 months service) recognised and his pay rate raised from minimum wage to $14/hour.

It is alleged that Kapil wqas lied to by a manager who told him that qualifications gained at McOpCo stores aren’t transferred over when a worker moves from a franchise store. He was also told [by the same manager] that he couldn’t go for his crew trainer training as he hadn’t completed his CCO book.

So what’s the moral of the story? Well, there are two lessons to be learned here folks;

One: Contact your union organiser if you suspect you are on the wrong pay rate or you are receiving incorrect information or advise from management.

Two: Keep your paperwork safe, yourself! You might find that it has magically gone missing when it comes time for the company to find it. Especially if money is at stake.

Kapil is now persuing a claim for career discrimination.


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