McPay Your McWorkers McNow

13 Nov

Help our US brothers and sisters!

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McPay Your McWorkers McNow.

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McDonald’s President Jeff Stratton was interrupted during a speech by one of his employees, Nancy Salgado. "Do you think this is fair," she asked, "that I have to be making $8.25 [per hour] when I’ve worked for McDonald’s for 10 years?"

Stratton replied with a full order of annoyance and a side of contempt: "I’ve been there 40 years." Salgado didn’t get an answer, but did get arrested.

Click here to tell McDonald’s to pay $15 per hour.

Stratton can afford to pay Salgado and all of his employees a living wage. He’d rather not, though. He’d rather that McDonald’s continue its binge of gobbling up oversized profits — $5.46 billion last year.

Click here to supersize McDonald’s executives email in-boxes today with this message: Pay Your Workers a Living Wage Now, or I’ll Be Sure to Stay Away From McDonald’s.

Please forward this email to anyone with a big heart who probably can’t stomach how McDonald’s treats its workers.


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