McDonald’s in a shitstorm in Canada

25 Apr

McDonald’s in the midst of a shitstorm over its abuse of Canada’s temporary foreign worker program. It’s so bad that the federal government has now suspended the application of the program in the food services industry.

Sandy Nelson lost her long-time restaurant job and says she was replaced by temporary foreign workers. (CBC)

The program was already under fire as it became more and more evident that it is being used to subvert the normal workings of the law of supply and demand in determining the wages and work conditions of workers. The examples of abuses piled up until this one involving several McDonald’s workers blew off the lid. If the government didn’t act, something dramatic was going to happen.

There are hundreds of thousands of temporary foreign workers in Canada and the numbers are growing fast.

The CEO of McDonald’s Canada has branded recent criticism of its use of temporary foreign workers “bullshit” in a conference call to franchisees that was given to the CBC.

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