Workers at the world’s largest caterer for travellers need our solidarity

28 May

Autogrill operate in NZ airports as HMSC. They are just the same here. Give these workers your solidarity.

You may never have heard of Autogrill, but you know their owners. Is this email not displaying correctly?
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I have just come back from Germany where I learned about a company that I’d never heard of before.

Autogrill, it turns out, is the world’s largest provider of catering and retail services for travellers. They have shops and restaurants along motorways, in railway stations and in airports in 43 countries. With 75,000 employees, it is a gigantic corporation and it’s owned by the people who own Benetton.

They can afford to pay their workers decent wages — but they don’t.

The company is refusing to consider paying more than what will be the minimum wage in Germany.

As a result, a strike began at several Autogrill locations in Germany on 16 April.

Those low-paid workers need a strong show of international solidarity to know that they are not alone, that workers in many countries know about their difficult struggle with their employer — and that we are on their side.

It will take you only a few second to show your support — please do so by clicking on this link:


The campaign can be found at


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