McDonald’s managers reclaim backpay for unpaid meetings

16 Jun

Unite Union has reclaimed thousands of dollars owed to McDonald’s managers for unpaid manager’s meetings dating back as far as 2008.

Managers at Constellation Drive McDonald’s first contacted a Unite Union organiser last year when the union was gathering statements from workers seeking back pay for 30 minute breaks not taken. The managers claimed that for many years they had never been paid for attending compulsory manager’s meetings.

All work related meetings are a part of your job and as such should be paid. This includes meetings attended by non managers. Unite union also has back pay claims in the pipeline for workers and trainee managers of a number of North Auckland work sites.

If you believe that you are owed back pay for meetings attended, contact your organiser with the dates and duration of these meetings along with your bank account details. Your organiser can send you an authorisation form to sign and send to the company and get the back pay claim process started. The company is legally bound to keep records of your pay for six years.

Gary Cranston

Unite Union Organiser

Mobile:029 4555 979




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