Unions get back to democratic basics

18 Jun

Terry Bell Writes

Misunderstanding and confusion about the platinum sector pay issue persists. And much of the media is to blame for repeating, without analysis, the public relations spin of the mining companies.

This distorted version of the facts states that the mining companies agreed to meet the R12 500 a month entry level wage demand, phased in over three years and that the union rejected this. The implication being that the union wants the money without delay.

However, it was worker mandated union negotiators who first proposed the phasing in over three years. This was rejected, as was a proposal of four years to reach R12 500.

As I have mentioned before, the main sticking point is that the mining companies want to include all the usual extras to basic wages, such as holiday pay and housing allowances, in their R12 500 offer. So it is understandable that the union, the Association…

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