#PIZZAHURT! Rally for fair redundancy pay for Pizza Hut workers 3.30pm Thursday

17 Jul


We deserve fair redundancy pay.

330pm, 666 Great South Road, Penrose.

For further info contact Malcolm Scott, Unite Delegate 021 177 8493 or Joe Carolan, Unite Union Campaigns Officer 029 44 55 702


By Malcolm Scott, Unite Union Delegate
The pizza hut callcentre has been in existence for about 20 years in various forms. I started with the callcentre 12 years ago, soon after it re-located from the original corporate office to an office suite in mid-town, central auckland. Originally, we processed all pizza hut and KFC phone orders. Later, the KFC delivery service was discontinued. 9 1/2 years later, after extensive downsizing due to increasing automation of the pizza hut ordering process, it was annouced that we were getting restructured and re-located to the new head office, in penrose. Most of the remaining staff were laid off. One woman, who had been with the callcentre since the start and was unable to relocate due to her failing health, lost her job and was forced into retirement. She got nothing from the company aside from the legally mandated residual leave entitlement.

Immediately after the relocation it was discovered that the new business model for the callcentre was inadequate to the realities of the business, and the callcentre was increased to 2-3 times the envisioned size, including a few returning staff members from the old callcentre who happened to be available.

Two years after that, with little or no warning, we have been informed that the callcentre has been determined to be surplus to requirements. There are staff that have been with the callcentre from the start, through one restructure, two re-locations and 20 years of faithful service.

There is no legal minimum payout for workers who lose their job through restructuring or redundancy. The only contractual obligation is one weeks’ notice. The people who have worked for the company all that time will get nothing, for 20 years of service.”


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