Message from CTU President Helen Kelly

23 Jul
Dear Mike
There’s only 43 days until September 3, when voting in the General Election starts. The last day to vote is September 20.Thanks heaps for signing up to support the Get Out and Vote campaign. It’s so important people turn out to vote this election. Every vote counts towards a healthier democracy and a better life for working New Zealanders.

Whether you have pledged to vote, or perhaps pledged to offer your help with the campaign, every one can help. We’re going to be in touch about things you can do during the voting period 3-20 September to help to get people out to vote.

Here are some important and easy things that you can do right now.

  1. Talk to your family, friends and workmates about their plan for voting. You can order free materials here to help you with this – including voter pledge cards. You can also sign people straight on to the Get Out and Vote campaign website. When you’ve got the voter pledge cards signed, send them back to us. Explain to people that we are collecting their information so we can get back in touch later on to work with them to make a plan for when and where they’ll vote. If they want to volunteer, that’s even better!
  2. Like the Get Out and Vote Facebook page, and invite others too:

Please double check that the information we have for you is correct. Having the right information for you will save our volunteers time when we really get busy, so please take a moment now to check by clicking on this link.

Let’s Get Out and Vote!

Warm regards
Helen Kelly
New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Authorised by: Helen Kelly, NZCTU, Level 7, 178 Willis St, Wellington

Get Out and Vote · New Zealand

You can also keep up with Let’s Get Out and Vote on Twitter or Facebook.

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