Auckland TPPA picket tomorrow

4 Aug

Tomorrow afternoon Trade Minister Tim Groser is giving an update on the TPPA negotiations. It’s a paid event for the US and Canadian business community, where he will be trying to explain to business leaders why it is taking so long and what kind of market access will be available.

It’s Our Future NZ – the anti-TPPA organisation – is organising a picket outside from 5pm to 5:30pm and we would be really grateful if as many FIRST staff as possible (and others!) attend so we have a decent turnout. Myself and Jane Kelsey will actually be inside the briefing asking questions and getting the tone of how Groser is explaining the slow process to the business leaders. Mike Treen from Unite has agreed to man the megaphone for us, and I think I’ve twisted Dennis’ arm into assisting also. I’ll make sure there is a big banner and a bunch of signs down there.

It would be great if as many people as possible could attend, just for half an hour or so from 5.

Details are here:

And facebook here:

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