Bonus recovered for Call Centre worker

25 Aug

An update on the story we ran in June regarding the Call Centre worker who lost her bonus for taking a month off for caring for her terminally ill father- we are please to confirm that she has now been paid what she was owed (over $1000.00).

The letter came out of the blue with no explanation except to say there had been an error in calculating the bonus.

The union member involved is very pleased to finally have received what was owed except extremely disappointed in the company for putting her through the wringer to get it. She wrote to the union last week to say "thank you for being there during that time."

The union was shocked at the response to the last blog story and received many more accounts from members and non-members of similar apparent unfair discrimination against workers who had to take time off work due to their own sickness or to care for family members.

One would think that these large companies would want to walk the walk when it comes to being a fair and reasonable employer however it has become apparent that this is not the case with this particular employer.

Unite Union Call Centre Organiser Shanna Reeder says, "We are so pleased this worker has had a good outcome but we are determined to continue to assist those workers who came forward with their stories until a fair outcome is reached for all of them."


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