We want to bring down the Government!

4 Sep

“We wanna bring down the Government- we wanna bring, bring down the Government!” was the chant on Hobson Street as 60 workers walked off the job from Skycity to go and vote for change.

Union delegates Tina Barnett and Gina Williams were up the front with a massive banner- “National- Not Our Future”. Workers from both Unite and SFWU held placards that demanded a living wage, secure hours, affordable housing, more rights at work including the right to strike and an end to restructuring and subcontracting. Skycity Cleaners directly affected by a new round of artificial subcontracting were first to cast their votes against National.

The experience of voting collectively together as workers was empowering. We were joined by Labour MPs Darien Fenton and Jacinda Adern, and the Mana Movement Tamaki Makaurau’s candidate Kereame Pene. Unite supports a vote for those parties who are commited to changing the government- Labour, the Greens and Internet Mana.

A collective march to the Auckland CBD voting booth has been organised for Saturday September 13th, leaving Aotea Square at 2pm. Join the facebook event page here-


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