Message from Unite delegates in US – “It’s getting hot in here!”

5 Sep

Hundreds of American fast food workers arrested in mass disobedience in fight for a Union

From Los Angeles to New York, major fast food chains were put under siege by hundreds of fast food workers taking direct action in their fight for a union. Unite Union’s Angelyse Heitiare Armstrong was on the front lines of a sit down protest in Raleigh, North Carolina, and sent a short report before the police moved in:

"Protesting has been awesome but really tiring in this 33 plus degree heat, it’s so hot and no breeze-

I feel for the workers here, they’ve got it worse than us in New Zealand. It’s like they are in the last century, and its made us cry. But the women here are awesome, they are the new militants."

Angelyse, a Unite organiser and former KFC delegate, and McDonald’s delegate Tina Watson are in the US to share the experiences of fast food workers here with those in the US.


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