Green Party appeal to workers

16 Sep

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Kia ora

Party vote Green for a cleaner, fairer, smarter New Zealand

Workers will get a better, fairer deal under the Green Party.

Our workers’ plan will restore the Kiwi dream built on the idea that if you work hard and do your fair share, your income will rise consistently. We will ensure you have better protections and make sure you will have what you need for a good life.

Increasing the minimum wage to $18 by 2017

We will increase the minimum wage to $15 this year after the election, and then increase it again to $16 in April next year. We will then increase the minimum wage in $1 increments each year we are in Government, so that by 2017 the minimum wage will be $18.

The Green Party is the only party committing to a minimum wage of $18 by the time of the next election.

Under our policy, a worker who is on the minimum wage now will be more than $120 a week better off after tax. Our minimum wage increases will help nearly 500,000 workers and their families who live on low wages.

A living wage for public sector workers

The Green Party is a big supporter of the Living Wage movement. We will pay the Living Wage to all core public service staff, and require all relevant government contractors to pay a Living Wage when their contracts come up for renewal.

Four weeks redundancy a legal minimum for you

We will make sure workers are treated fairly when they lose their job. We will pass new law so that every employment agreement has to have redundancy rights in it, and that all workers get at least four weeks’ pay when they are made redundant.

Steps towards pay equity

The Green Party will also take immediate action on pay equity by requiring companies to disclose their pay rates for male and female employees.

There are significant issues with pay equity in particular sectors including home support, caregiving, disability support, and DHB admin and clerical workers. We will work with those staff and their unions to establish pay equity over the medium-term.

Better bargaining law

We’ll improve union access to workplaces, and change the law to incentivise collective bargaining, including industry-wide bargaining to conclude multi-employer collective agreements.

Greater workers’ say in health and safety

In Government, we will give workers a guaranteed place on the Board of the health and safety regulator at WorkSafe, and we’ll strengthen the role of workplace health and safety representatives.

Our 100 percent focus in this election is to change the Government in order to achieve a cleaner, fairer and smarter Aotearoa for you and all New Zealanders.

Three more years of National will be disastrous for our environment, our children, and our economy and jobs.

The Green Party wants to form a new government with Labour, and we think it can happen. At the moment the Green Party has real momentum.

We are going up in the polls and more New Zealanders than ever before are saying they are planning to vote for us.

Party Vote Green for a change of government and a better deal for workers.

Metiria and Russel

PS. Read full details on our workers’ policy

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