Hotel chain agrees to guaranteed hours of work

17 Sep

Unite Union members at an Accor hotel getting ready to vote in this week’s election

Guaranteed hours of work is the single most important issue facing Unite members employed in the service sector. Unite has been working hard and investing a lot of time to try and get more secure hours for workers in all the industries that we represent workers in. Unite is pleased to inform members that we have made a breakthrough around securing minimum hours of work for hotel workers this month.

In the past hotel workers enjoyed full time employment. However, in recent years there has been a major shift towards part-time and casual work in the industry.This has been of significant concern to our members as even if a reasonable pay increase is secured it does not go far where there is no certainty of being rostered work for the week.

Accor (NZ largest hotel company) has made a significant move for the hotel industry by offering to guarantee most employees a minimum 25 hours work per week after one years service. Unite welcomes this change which is a major shift in the hotel industry from no guarantee to providing their employees with minimum hours per week.

Hotels Organiser Shanna Reeder says “This guarantee of hours will allow these workers to give banks some assurance of their financial stability when applying for a car loan or a credit card, and landlords may feel more comfortable taking these workers on as tenants. These simple things that most people take for granted are hard to get for a worker who has no guarantee of work from week to week.”

Research done by Accor showed that most union members were already working an average of 25 hours per week and they were prepared to acknowledge this step to offer certainty to employees.


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