Internet Mana policies

17 Sep

What do we stand for?

  • Right to work

    Internet MANA will tackle persistent high rates of unemployment by reinvesting back into society and filling the many gaps of past policy failures to take us into the future. We will set a national goal of 0% unemployment for under 25s and eliminate long-term unemployment across the whole labour market. Internet MANA will use the know-how and support innovation and self-start entrepreneurship from within our own communities to solve their own unemployment & social problems as well as invest $1.03 billion each year to fund approximately 100,000 temporary jobs where the labour market is not able to create jobs.

  • Living wage

    It’s not good enough to just have a job – the hours of work and pay per hour are equally important for a family to have a decent standard of living. Internet MANA would work to stabilise hours of work and increase the minimum wage from the $14.25 an hour at present to the living wage, currently $18.80. We would peg the minimum wage at two-thirds of the average wage to prevent it dropping dangerously in the future as it has done in recent decades.


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