Labour’s work and wages policy

17 Sep

Labour is committed to good jobs, decent work conditions and fair wages driven by a high-performing economy. To get there, Labour is also committed to workers having a voice in their workplaces and industries through collective bargaining and their own, independent trade unions.

We believe that workers need a strong platform of basic standards, including, a decent minimum wage, the right to negotiate collectively, health and safety protections, a Living Wage, as well as adequate holidays, rest breaks, and redundancy provisions.

We believe that strong labour protections are the hallmark of a civilised society, which recognises that good employment standards are a right, and that those same standards underpin a high-performing economy. Labour believes that most employers also share a commitment to strong labour protections and can face unfair competitive pressure from those that don’t.

Labour will:

  • Increase the minimum wage by $2 an hour in our first year, to $15 an hour in our first hundred days in government, and increased again to $16.25 an hour in early 2015,
  • Set a target of returning the minimum wage to two-thirds of the average wage by the end of our second term, as economic conditions allow,
  • Ensure that all core public service workers are paid at least the Living Wage, and extend this as fiscal conditions permit,
  • Make the Crown a leader in good employment practices and ensure that government bodies only contract with businesses that are good employers,
  • Hold a Commission of Inquiry into wages and collective bargaining, and implement its findings to ensure workers get a fair deal,
  • Review health and safety laws and ensure Worksafe New Zealand is adequately resourced.
  • Abolish Secondary Tax.Click here for our full Work and Wages policy


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