Equal pay win in Court of Appeal

28 Oct

CTU Media release

Today the Court of Appeal has made a historic decision paving the way for a substantial equal pay claim for aged care workers.

The Court of Appeal decision supports the case of caregiver Kristine Bartlett and her union, the Service and Food Workers Union, that in female-predominant industries the claimant may have to go outside the “infected” industry to decide what the female workers should be paid.

“I am over the moon about the Court of Appeal decision,” said Kristine Bartlett.

“I am nearing the end of my working life but am pleased that the Court of Appeal has confirmed what I always thought – caregiving is not recognised or paid fairly because most caregivers are women.” Bartlett said.

“I took this case, with the support of my union, not just for myself but for the tens of thousands of caregivers who get paid close to the minimum wage for doing one of the most important jobs in our society.” Bartlett said

“I urge the employers and Government to abandon any further appeals in favour of getting around the table with my union to sort out a just solution,” said Kristine.

Service and Food Workers Union National Secretary John Ryall said the Court of Appeal decision came 42 years after the passing of the Equal Pay Act and once implemented would substantially narrow the gap between the wages of men and women in New Zealand.


For further comment contact Kristine Bartlett or John Ryall on 027 520 1380 or SFWU Aged Care Sector Leader Alastair Duncan on 027 245 6593


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